Environmental DH

At the ACH 2019 conference, we- Kimberly Bain, Purdom Lindblad, Jeffrey Moro, and Gabriela Baeza Ventura - convene scholars and practitioners from across the DH community to answer the question of what an environmental DH centered on practices of justice might achieve. What does DH scholarship, broadly construed, look like in the face of planetary extinction? How might our individual scholarship work to produce the collective organization and belonging we need to intervene on structural scales? In particular, we return to what we see as Nowviskie’s useful pessimism: how placing extinction at the heart of scholarly practice transforms its attachment to the racist and colonial infrastructures that characterize the contemporary academy. Finally, how can we navigate the practical quotidian, and affective challenges of environmental DH work? How do we center extinction while avoiding hopelessness and despair?

The goal is to work in places dh scholars already are and share across boundaries. For example, contributing to the #EcoDH hashtag on Twitter as well as the EcoDH group of HASTAC among others.

Interested in joining the conversation? Check out the open notes from the ACH 2019 panel. Fill out the form below. First steps will be to identify interested memebers of the dh community, agree upon a code of ethics and contribution protocols. All are welcome.